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The parts of bag filter

Bag filter housing 

The operation principle of bag filters 
    As a quite new type filtration system, whose filter bag is supported by an inside metal basket. The incoming fluid is to flow out after filtered by the bag, thus the impurity is intercepted in the filter bag.
    You can continue to use the filter system after changing the filter bag. It is a trend for the bag filter to replace partly the cartridge filter. A. The small filter bag can filter large amount of liquid.

top-line bag filter housing
Model Max Flow(gpm) Max pressure Max Temp Pipe Size Material
SAM-4S 50 200 psi 250°F 1" 304/316
SAM-1S 100 200 psi 250°F 2" 304/316
SAM-2S 220 200 psi 250°F 2" 304/316
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Intelligent Bag Filter Housing:
1. During the filter process, the impurities are intercepted in the filter bag gradually. 
When the pressure difference between inlet and outlet reaches predetermined value, 
the sensor automatically switches the signal and make an alarm to remind you to 
change the filter bag.
2. To meet the different working conditions, the intelligent bag filter housing can make 
light alarm and buzzer alarm at the same time.
3. The intelligent bag filter housing can set up the alarm value according to different 
liquid and the filtration rate required. It can protect the filter bags and reduce the 
consumption of filter bags.

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