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Back Wash Filter Strainer 

Auto Back wash filter strainer
Automatic Back Wash Filtration System
Working principle
  The Flow Direction:
(1)The liquid enters from N2 at the bottom of the cylinder into the filter, passing through the fixed cartridge, the liquid exit from N1 at the center of the filter from outside toward inside. Backwash pollutants discharged from N3.
2)Liquid flow from the cartridge medial (pollution side) to the lateral(clean side), solid particles are trapped in the filter inside, with the increase of pollutants, the differential pressure between the pollution side and the clean side gradually increases. When the pressure reachs the pre-determined value (the value can be empirical value or debugging value ) , the filter automatically start the backwash process.
Filtration process:
* The speed reducer drives the washing arm by the middle connecting shaft. The washing arm rotational angle is controled by the infrared correlation orientation to align with the filter cartridge.
* The sewage valve is open and creates pressure difference between the lateral(clean side) and the outlet.
* Under the pressure difference, the clean lateral liquid flow from outside to inside and begin the backwashing. Filter pollutants cumulate at the inner part are cleaned and discharged from N3 outlet.
* The backwashing time of the cartridge can be adjusted automatically according to process variations. When the time is up, the sewage valve will close down and the cartridge backwash will end. The gear motor rotates the washing arm to start the backwash of the next cartridge, opening the sewage valve again, this process is repeated until all the cartridges are backwashed.
* The whole backwash term has N-1 groups (N is the number of cartridges). As a term is over, the washing arm stays on the position of N-1and waits for the next term backwash.
* Since the filter backwash process is done in a group,during the backwash process, the filter is in a continuous state of filtration.
Backwashing filter Design Features 
1)Suitable for the high-speed flow, low-viscosity fluid filtering. Handling capacity of a single system is up to 1600m3/h.
2)The smooth surface of the tube and the connections avoiding the dead angles, reduce pressure drop. The stainless steel wedge strainer can meet different application requirements.
3)During the backwash process, the cartridges are backwashed one-by-one.
4)The cartidge is backwashed in a safe and efficient state while other cartridges are not affected and the filtering continues.
5)The filter has less wearing parts, no consumptive materials and much lower operation and maintenance cost.
6)The coloured LCD can display the pressure of inlet and outlet, the pressure differential curve and the running situations of all facility.
7)Automatically control the time of backwash and set the differential pressure at the most reasonable value by optimal testing program.
8)The high sensitivity infrared correlation control can improve the rotation degree of backwashing arm by four times so that the time of backwash and quantity of water consumption are reduced greatly.
9)The industrial control computer with ethernet card can achieve remote observing and controlling.
10)The normal industrial process control DCS interface connect with the centralized control system.
11)USB interface can connect with external keyboard and mouse to set the parameters of system.
12)It has warning function for system overvoltage, facility fault and system fault self-diagnosis.
Application range
The main application of high viscosity fluid filtration media:
Petroleum&chemical industry recycling water, condensation water, cooling water, oil field or oil platforms injection wells, note agent filter, as the UF/RO filter, stell making factory, auto factory parts flush filter and so on.

Model Cartridge number A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm)

Design Pressure

Design temperature
Max flux
Outfall size
SAM-BWF300 5 1690 265 640 300 1.0 80 80 DN100 50
SAM-BWF400 7 1750 255 680 400 1.0 80 120 DN150 50
SAM-BWF500 15 1860 290 715 500 1.0 80 200 DN200 80
SAM-BWF600 18 1910 270 755 600 1.0 80 300 DN250 80
SAM-BWF700 21 2040 335 755 700 1.0 80 500 DN300 100
SAM-BWF800 24 2090 320 770 800 1.0 80 700 DN350 100
SAM-BWF1000 30 2220 335 800 1000 1.0 80 1200 DN450 100
SAM-BWF1200 36 2360 365 825 1200 1.0 80 1600 DN500 100

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