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The parts of bag filter

Self Cleaning Filter Strainer 

Auto Self Cleaning Filtration

Automatic Self Cleaning Filtration System
Self cleaning filter Working principle
Construction and working principle: Scraper automatic self cleaning filtration system consists of the filter housing, filter mesh, scraper system, pressure measuring system, industrial control computer system and auto-discharge system. Raw materials media gets into the strainer through the inlet and the impurities which are larger in size than filter screen gap are intercepted on the side of strainer. After the system in operation for a certain time, when the pressure difference between inlet and outlet reaches pre-determined value (the value can be empirical value or debugging value ) , the industrial control computer will send a command to rotate the scraper and brush reducer to automatically remove the dirt on the filter screen. The control system can calculate working time and diversion of the scraper automatically according to different medias and the level of dirt intercepted. As the impurities collected to a certain amount,the discharge will open the valve to discharge and contol the time of discharge automatically. So repeatedly, the system can maximize the filtration
effect of impurities removal and self cleaning while minimize the wear on the filter mesh. 

Self cleaning filter Design Features
1) With all-inclusive new design of hob, the system increases the effect of shoveling, scraping, displacement compensation, spring compensation, the cross of shoveling and scraping and controling the rotation direction of scrape on the basis of the original scraper design. The new design is more applicable to filtering the stripy media (such as fibre).
2)Utilize the scraper and the wedge-shaped angle that form a shear force, which can cut away any dirt and make it discharge with the opened valve.
3)The coloured LCD can display the pressure of inlet and outlet, the pressure differential curve and the running situations of all facility.
4)The industrial control computer functions:automatic adaptive tracking system, auto-control the scraper running time and discharging time.
5)The industrial control computer with ethernet card can achieve remote observing and controlling.
6)The standard industrial process control DCS interface connect with the centralized control system.
7)USB interface can connect with external keyboard and mouse to set the parameters of system.
8)It has warning function for system overvoltage, facility fault and system fault self-diagnosis.
Self cleaning filter application range
The main application of high viscosity fluid filtration media:
1)Industrial circulating water, steel industrial furnace, circulating water, condensed water and cooling water of rolling mill and continuous caster.
2)Filtration of raw water: seawater desalination, river water, surface water and the pretreatment of plant water.
3)Environment engineering:preposing filter of bag filters, cartridge filters, UF and RO membrane.
4)Paper industry:filtration of raw water and white water.
5)Others: condensed water, cooling water of central air-conditioning system, cleaning filtration of petroleum&chemical industry and automobile manufacturing.

Model A(mm) B(mm) C(mm) D(mm)

Design Pressure

Design temperature
Max flux
Outfall size
SAM-SCFO273 1500 450 530 273 1.0 80 30 DN50 32
SAM-SCFO350 1530 510 500 350 1.0 80 70 DN100 32
SAM-SCFI350 1530 510 500 350 1.0 80 70 DN100 32
SAM-SCFI450 1800 550 500 450 1.0 80 150 DN150 50
SAM-SCFI550 1900 625 500 550 1.0 80 250 DN200 80
SAM-SCFI650 2000 680 500 650 1.0 80 300 DN200 100
SAM-SCFI750 2200 740 500 750 1.0 80 400 DN250 100

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